Why (Not) Buy Alienware laptop computers

Why (Not) Buy Alienware laptop computers
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Upon acquisition from Dell, Alienware laptop computers faced an interesting fate from the get-go.

Some Alienware laptops’ fans were outraged stating that the brand was going to be mass manufactured thus rendering their quality low. Others argued that the fact that they had a big and powerful owner, they would have all the resources to create more innovative computers.

The potential problem of the acquisition is that Dell has a nasty reputation of making cheap computers. Cheap as in low quality and cheap as in low prices. Everything that a typical Alienware laptop is not known for!

Dell is a company focused on profits. Which business isn’t? Well there are two ways to generate massive revenues and Dell and Alienware use one and the other respectively, which makes this acquisition interesting.

Dell’s way is to mass produce thus reducing the costs and being able to sell low priced computers to a wide audience.

Alienware’s way is to produced a small amount of quality of computers that justify the high prices.

So it’s easy to understand that this deal is like a Wal-Mart type of person getting married to a Neiman Marcus type of person.

To be fair though Alienware laptop computers can become cheaper if Dell decides to leverage its large distribution network. By producing and marketing more quality Alienware laptops, they can reduce the manufacturing costs and therefore drop the selling prices of Alienware laptop systems.

After all, it has worked with the iPod. Since its inception, the iPod has become cheaper in price. Granted, they’ve removed certain accessories such as extra cables and the dock but the prices dropped mainly due to the fact that the more portable digital players were made and sold, the cheaper the customer paid ultimately.

I hope that two things happen with this acquisition:

1) More Alienware laptop computers availability to people from all over the world. They’re amazing notebooks and the gamer’s dream. At the rate computer gaming is growing, the Dell deal makes sense.

2) That the prices drop. Alienware laptop computers are pretty expensive. It does not matter how good they are but paying a lot of money for a piece of technology that will be obsolete in less than five years is kind of senseless.

I just fear that Dell being the corporate giant that it is, will end up cheapening the brand by cutting corners on specs and features and by moving Alienware laptop computers from the concept that made them loved by their happy owners worldwide in the first place.


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