Viliv N5: The Go Anywhere PC

A Windows-based, ultra-portable, mobile internet device for those who want smart phone size in a full-powered computer.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

There's portable, and then there's ultra-portable. Viliv's N5 falls into the latter category. It shoves netbook functionality, including Windows 7, 3G internet connectivity, and an Intel atom processor, into a clamshell unit. This micro-computer weighs just 14.7 ounces and measures around 7 x 3 inches, with a 4.8-inch screen.

Now I know what you're thinking: "What could I possibly do with a computer that small?" Well, the N5 is a device that allows you to have a full-powered computer on tap at all times. While smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, HTV EVO, or Motorola Droid allow you to browse the web, check your email, and even run applications, they present certain obstacles. For example, they're relatively closed systems that won't allow you to choose a web browser or install custom software, at least not without some hacking.

With the N5, however, you get an actual Windows-based laptop at roughly the size of a smartphone. It means fewer limitations. You can install whatever software you want. With the N5, the only limitation you face is storage. The device comes with a small 32GB hard drive -- not very big, though larger than most smartphones. However, it does have a USB port, so you can easily link an external hard drive to this machine if you feel like loading some music (yes, the N5 contains speakers and a headphone jack) or movies.

The N5 comes with some other cool and useful amenities, including a built-in camera, a touch-sensitive screen, an optical mouse. But the coolest feature, other than its size, has got to be its looks. It's sleek, lightweight, and very nicely put together. The Viliv N5 is a very cool and exciting little machine -- particularly if you're an avid blogger, social media junkie, or just a casual user who wants maximum portability in a Windows-based package. It will be available "in the very near future," according to Engadget.


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