Shopping for a used Dell Laptop? Start Here! - Ask The Laptop Advisor

Shopping for a used Dell Laptop? Start Here! - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Start Here!

Tracking down a decent used Dell laptop computer is not difficult thanks to the mighty Internet. (By the way, I am sure that in a previous article, I have discussed this but since myself, I can’t find it, I will once again tell all dear readers where to find used Dell laptops).

Dell Outlet

This is the first place to track down any used Dell laptop in excellent conditions. I have spoken about refurbished laptops and how they are the ultimate shopping option for budget conscious buyers. At the Dell outlet, you will find an inventory of used laptops that have been returned used or not but that were examined, repackage and are even better than new.

The world’s largest consumer to consumer marketplace. You simply type in or browse for used Dell laptop computers and the search results might overwhelm you. Be a smart shopper though. Ask pertinent questions. Figure out where the catch is and check out the reputation of the seller. eBay is great but things can go haywire pretty quickly so be safe. I have written some thoughts about all this entitled: Is eBay a Cheap Laptop Sales Heaven?

Refurbished Dell Laptops at

Nowadays, it’s kind of difficult to differentiate between, eBay and all the other big online retailers. They seem to be selling everything under the sun at diverse prices. Here too, you will likely find a good used Dell laptop and you can actually buy with the peace of mind as is pretty thorough and scares away scammers and crooks. Personally, I would trust to but the latter can have better prices and selection on used Dell notebooks.


Everyday people get rid of things that they don’t want or need anymore and that include good to bad used Dell laptop computers. Shopping for a notebook from classified ads is like searching for a treasure. You might get lucky or unlucky. But millions of people buy things off Craiglist, university or college websites and so on. If it were totally bogus, no one would do it. Here again, it’s a matter of being careful and using some strong caution.

Asking around

This may sound so simplistic and I am sure that you too have already thought of it but folks, this tactic works wonders! A while ago, I asked a group of friend if they knew anyone in Brazil. I thought that I would get a negative answer but now I have more than five contacts! Moral of the story (if you really cared about it…): it does not hurt to ask your friends, family members, co-workers. Just pick up your phone list and ask and before you know it, you will be presented with a few used Dell laptop computers to choose from.

Now that you know how and where to track a used Dell laptop computer, get going and don’t waste any time. My first choice as said earlier would be Dell Outlet as you get a good as brand new machine, warranty, fast delivery and support (although Dell’s support sucks according to thousand disgruntled customers).

PS: I forgot Apple's Special Deals site!


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