Trendy Laptop Briefcases showcase

Trendy Laptop Briefcases showcase
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

A while ago, we wrote about some really gorgeous laptop cases for women. As for men, you can also get some stylish laptop briefcases that differentiate you from the everyday boring corporate looking carrying case.

Below, we�ve compiled a laptop briefcase list with some customer reviews as found at eBags, the best online place to purchase them, that should inspire you in your shopping process. Enjoy!

Stylish Laptop Briefs

Jack Georges Platinum Laptop Briefcase

"Awesome! What a pleasant surprise to receive such an impressive bag! I have received many compliments and am delighted with the way it is divided for organization. It is truly an exceptional bag. I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone who is interested in a slimmer, easier to carry bag. A great choice!!!" Please note that it can also be a women�s laptop briefcase, so macho guys, be aware :o)

Schlesinger Bomber Bag Flap Over

"I bought this bag to replace an aging messenger bag. Not only is this bag very comfortable, organized and durable, I've gotten great compliments on its appearance. It's large enough for (not all at the same time) files, sketch books, notebooks, the new Lincoln bio that's as thick as my fist, a pda, mp3 player, gloves, cough drops, visine, oh.... whatever you'd want to carry on the commute. Great bag!"

Bosca Double Gusset Brief

"I am very happy with this bag; it's definitely worth the price. I am particularly impressed with the quality detailing, and am finding that people really notice and appreciate the classic styling. The organizer pockets inside are helpful. One criticism is that although the compartments are expandable, you can't expand them too far or else the top flap won't latch. This isn't a problem in everyday use, but I could see where it could be a problem if you routinely carry a lot of stuff." It REALLY is expensive!

eBags Firewall Laptop Brief

"The orange interior is great for being able to see everything inside, zippers and pulls are very sturdy, and the shoulder strap is well made and comfortable. Only challenge is that sometimes it wants to lean one way, but that's probably due to the fact that I overload it most of the time! Very pleased and would highly recommend this bag."

Derek Alexander Leather Slim Line Laptop Case

Stylish but fragile looking: "I love the briefcase. It�s small compact and plain but unique. I'd purchase another one. Not sure if it will be tough enough to hold my laptop though. Its seems like it may be but not sure if the handle is durable enough."

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eBags and Amazon are the best destinations to shop for laptop briefs as they provide a great selection with very competitive prices. Plus, they are also very pro customer, which is probably why most online shoppers do business with them. Happy hunting!


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