Toshiba Laptops consumers buying guide

Toshiba Laptops consumers buying guide
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Satellite MX30, A60, A70, and P30

Traditionally, Toshiba laptops are perceived as business portable computers. Although that was the case originally, nowadays as consumers we can get our hands on some wonderful models that will suit our various mobile computing requirements. On this page, the advisor will attempt to briefly give you a run down of what Toshiba Satellite or Qosmio consumer notebook (as opposed to corporate users) will be right for you as of March 2005.

Toshiba Laptops – Satellite

The Toshiba Satellite laptop computer product line is made for the consumer market (the market the Laptop Advisor writes for) and is the one that will be used a shopping or buying guide.

One thing to notice is that it features some tablet Pcs. Now… you might be a fan of such computers but the author of this site is not that fond of them and will give them a skip. Of course, you can check them out for yourself by visiting the links of the suggested retailers that visitors of this site trust.

Toshiba Satellite A60 laptops

Satellite A60If you are an average computer user who needs a laptop but are on a tight budget, look no further. No, this is not a low quality laptop. As a matter of fact, most consumers will be happy with such a machine. Why is it “bank balance friendly”? The Toshiba Satellite A60 laptop computers have specifications that are suitable to handle average tasks such as Internet browsing, email checking and Office documents writing.

Thus, the costs to make such notebooks are not high which benefits you the user. Great bargain for students and those who use computers on a limited basis as mentioned earlier.

Toshiba Satellite MX30 laptops

Satellite MX30Here’s a notebook that you can customize to fit your requirements. The cool thing is that it features the now ubiquitous Centrino processor which allows you to access wireless networks without having to add extra hardware or be a technically gifted genius. The other benefit of the Centrino is that it extends the battery life of portable computers.

What does all this mean? Well if you are often on the move with your computer but do not want to spend a fortune to get the best of the mobile world, the MX30 Toshiba laptops are what you should be looking at especially if you are into graphics, gaming or any other kind of multimedia.

Toshiba Satellite A70 laptops

Satellite A70Are you on a power and performance trip? The Toshiba Satellite A70 laptops should be your stop. Not only, does the wide display a cool feature that will come in handy especially when watching DVDs but the best is the Pentium 4 chips that make these notebooks as fast if not faster than desktops. Of course, with great power comes great weakness. Such features will require too much processing power, which will have a direct effect on the battery life of the A70. So, if you ever get one of these monsters, make sure that you check your battery status quite often before you find yourself powerless literally and figuratively.

Toshiba Satellite P30 laptops

Satellite P30These notebooks feature a more than average display screen. Yes, we’re talking about the famous 17” screen design. Such a large display will obvious make the computer hard to carry around but what a great desktop replacement will it make! You will notice those looks of envy from your friends when they play around with the Toshiba Satellite P30 notebook and experience for themselves the sheer power and visual excellence. That’s if you let them touch your baby of course!

Other amazing Toshiba P30 laptops’ features are the 100GB hard drive option, amazing graphic cards that will make the gaming and DVD watching experience surreal. Of course, you can also do some work and create your own multi media expose and distribute them to your friends and family members in DVD format thanks to the built-in DVD (and CD obviously) burner.

Overall Toshiba Laptops

OK… this article is getting too long. I don’t want to mention all the models featured as you might end up confused by the billions of choices presented to you. Now that you have an overall view of Toshiba laptops, the next move should be to check out the recommended dealers mentioned below and compare side to side the different Toshiba notebooks and even customize one that’s perfect for your computing lifestyle.

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