Toshiba Blu-ray Laptops In The Near Future

Toshiba Blu-ray Laptops In The Near Future
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


It's been a long time since Blu-ray definitively crushed HD-DVD, and with it, Toshiba's dreams of cornering the high-definition media market. For the past year or so, Toshiba has shuffled around, pouting, trying to find a way to accept the new regime without coming off as desperate and hurting their pride. Ultimately, it was inevitable. Toshiba would have to accept Blu-ray and begin making their own Blu-ray capable devices in order to stay relevant.

That day has come. Toshiba has applied for admittance to the Blu-ray Disc Association, which would allow them to begin creating Blu-ray devices, such as BD players and laptops with BD drives. Things are still fuzzy, and there are no official release dates or product announcements just yet, but it's good news for media-loving laptop users.

Toshiba's Qosmio line of laptops are multimedia monsters, and before the high-definition format wars, were an excellent choice for consumers interested in a big laptop capable of acting as a media server, DVR, and home entertainment hub. In the midst of the battle, the Qosmios became some of the first laptops to support any HD media format, though in this case it was HD-DVD, unfortunately. Since the battle ended, the Qosmios have been hamstrung by Toshiba's reluctance to accept Blu-ray, while Sony has produced plenty of Blu-ray capable laptops, hoping to scoop up multimedia laptop buyers.

Now, with Toshiba finally coming around, it might be worth waiting for the next wave of media-centric Toshiba laptops to see what they have to offer.


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