The Toshiba Libretto W105: Sleek Dual-Touchscreen Ultra-Portable

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Toshiba released an eye-popping new device: the Libretto W105 -- a dual touchscreen, ultra-portable, limited edition laptop. By Mike Lynch
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

The Toshiba Libretto W105 straddles the line between tablet and netbook. Upon first look, its clamshell design appears very familiar. However, this device does away with the traditional monitor/keyboard setup. Instead, it features two touch-sensitive 7-inch screens (the second screen appears where the keyboard usually exists).

You can still operate a Libretto W105 via traditional methods -- the upper screen is your monitor and the bottom screen is your touchscreen keyboard (iPad style) -- but its unique dual touchscreen interface presents a number of possibilities. For example, if you don't need or want a keyboard, you can simply use your two screens (together or separately) as monitors to browse the Internet, Skype, and so on. The Libretto W105 also has the ability to shift its perspective depending on whether you're holding it horizontally or vertically, so its a very solid device for reading.

Sounds pretty cool, but let's be real for a second: the Libretto W105 is not a productivity-focused laptop. All that innovation is neat, but it isn't intuitive. Although it features Windows 7, it's still a unique device that is going to take some getting used to. Furthermore, its pricetag (about $1300) is intense -- you can buy a traditional (and significantly more powerful) netbook for much, much less.

So why buy a Libretto W105? Well, it's still an eye-catching, futuristic portable computer that performs basic functions admirably well considering its size and unique build. Long story short: if you just want a cool, quirky, on-the-go sort of device and the iPad isn't really your style, the Libretto W105 is a pricey option worth serious consideration.


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