Sony VAIO Laptops and Notebooks

Sony VAIO Laptops and Notebooks
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The Sony VAIO line of laptops has been a perennial favorite of consumers looking for a brand name they can trust. Sony's diverse and distinct classes of notebook offer something for everybody, whether you're looking for a thin-and-light tote to take as you travel, or a big, burly performance machine that can handle your multimedia needs.

Lightweight, Portable (SZ, TZ, UX models)

If something sleek and lightweight is what you're looking for, the Sony VAIO SZ, TZ, and UX lines might be of interest. The super-slim SZ notebooks carry a roomy 13-inch LCD display, yet they manage to keep the total thickness down to 1-inch. Don't think they've left out any important features to bring down the bulk. The SZ models still feature the dual-core Intel Centrino processors that will help a user meet today's computing needs.

The TZ models are a little smaller, with a display size of 11.1-inches. These are super-mobile, meant to be tucked easily into a purse or backpack and whipped out at a moment's notice. Even still, it manages to include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, plus media accessories like a built-in camera and microphone. TZ notebooks are available in four stylish colors: champagne gold, Bordeaux red, classic black, and premium black carbon.

UX models are a little more niche than its peers. These are the UMPCs, that is, ultra-mobile PCs. They're a kind of hybrid missing link between PDAs and laptops, and are meant for people who want full bodied computing power in a slight and incredibly portable package. They're still pretty expensive too, so outside of the professional or corporate traveler, these models might be out of reach.

ATTENTION SONY VAIO USERS: IMPORTANT LAPTOP RECALL According to the New York Times, Sony has recalled 440,000 Sony Vaio TZ-model laptops. TZ-model laptops made between May 2007 and July 2008 have faulty wiring which can damage the computer and result in significant overheating. If you own a Sony VAIO laptop and want to determine if your model is affected, or how to get your laptop repaired or replaced, contact Sony at (888) 526-6219 or visit the Sony support web site.

Multimedia (AR, FZ models)

These notebooks are the real powerhouses of the VAIO line. The AR and FZ model notebooks are meant to be the centerpiece of your digital home entertainment system, with huge hard drive storage capabilities, expanded connectivity to interact with your television and home wireless network, and next-generation high definition video. Both AR and FZ models have Blu Ray disc players, allowing users to enjoy movies using Sony's new, high-definition format. The AR series takes it a step further, with a TV tuner allowing the notebook to be used as a digital video recorder. The AR and FZ series notebooks also have an HDMI output, for best-quality high-definition television connections. The FZ series features 15.4-inch LCD displays, while the AR series kicks it up to 17-inches.

Mainstream Computing With an Emphasis on Design (NR, CR models)

For users not interested in the super-tiny or multimedia models, Sony also offers some mainstream, versatile notebooks that put a significant emphasis on design and personality. These affordable notebooks in the NR and CR series have everything you need to get things done, with Core 2 Duo processors, audio/video multimedia modes, and eye-catching designs that rival Apple's sleek constructions. The NR series features a classy fabric-like texture, adding some extra flair to its persona, while also offering an array of connectivity options, including MemoryStick and SecureDigital card readers. The NR series features 15.4-inch displays. The CR series has 14.1-inch LCDs.

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