Sony Vaio E Series: Mid-Tier Laptops With Panache

Sony Vaio E Series: Mid-Tier Laptops With Panache
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

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Sony announced their latest line of Vaio laptops last week, the brightly colored mainstream E Series. The color options are certainly, uh, flamboyant? Styles listed on the Sony Style web store include: Coconut White, Gunmetal Black, Lava Black, Hibiscus Pink, Iridescent Blue, Caribbean Green. Gadget blog CrunchGear also listed matte colors Maple Brown and Silver White.

From the Sony Style blog: "The key benefit of this series is flexibility, personalization and customization. With that kind of fun, you just know Sony Style team couldn’t leave that alone." More after the jump.

Though the E series is marketed in the entry-level notebook category, they're more like mid-range, small desktop replacements. The 15.5-inch monitor sets it a bit outside the super-portable category these days, as does the short 3.5-hour maximum battery life and six pound weight. The baseline models are decently powerful machines for the $800 price tag, however, with a Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 15.5-inch screen, 500GB hard drive, an HDMI output, and Windows 7. Pricing for options like an i5 processor and Blu-ray disk drive will be announced this weekend.

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I'm surprised I'm admitting this, but this E Series is kind of endearing. There are just so many laptops from so many manufacturers with these kinds of specs, the ridiculous color schemes are like a breath of fresh air. And even tf those boring Lava Black glossy or Silver White matte finishes seem too pedestrian for your tastes, toss on an optional keyboard skin and--BOOM!--baby blue or hot pink keys for you.

The base models begin to ship in early March. No ship date has been announced for more powerful customized models, but they're likely to ship a few weeks later, if we had to guess.


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