Samsonite Laptop Cases: Reviews, Where to Buy Samsonite Bags, Backpacks & Cases

Samsonite Laptop Cases: Reviews, Where to Buy Samsonite Bags, Backpacks & Cases
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

If you�re a regular traveler, you�ll notice that Samsonite laptop cases, bags and backpacks are everywhere and for a good reason: they have a reputation of being strong and stylish. It is even said that the name comes from Samson from the Bible who was a pretty strong man.

On this page, I will list a few popular Samsonite laptop cases, bags and backpacks as found at or at with some descriptions or comments from actual owners or buyers.

This list reflects what cases most travelers have. So if you want to be different, consider alternative models or brand but on the other hand, if you bank on the best choice, you should find this list useful.

Happy shopping!

Samsonite Laptop Cases, Bags & Backpacks

Samsonite Radius Laptop Backpack

"This bag is overall very good, but has one problem. The plastic around the hole at the top of the back pad cut into my back and I took it to a shoe repair place to get it removed. Regular clothing alteration places told me they could not fix it. The padding for the computer is very good (on all sides), and there is plenty of space for a computer and some books. I also liked the organization for holding smaller items (pens, phone, CDs)."

Samsonite Business Aluminum Laptop Cases 4�

"I purchased this case after that last airline security scare in the UK where you had to check everything. I wanted a secure case in the event that I would have to check my laptop at some future point. The case is nice and sturdy, lightweight even though it is hard sided and has a shoulder strap. It has a combo lock as well as snap briefcase locks on either side. The only slight negative thing I have to say is that the snap locks are a little sticky and you have to make sure they are engaged. Overall, I am very happy with the case."

Samsonite Ultima Tote-Laptop

"I love this laptop carrying/organizational bag! I feel feminine yet highly professional at the same time. It not only protects my laptop while traveling but also makes organization for meetings very easy. I am able to store business cards, pens, my planner, my cell phone and other personals along with my marketing materials. This is a great bag for female business women in today's modern world. Hip and classy all at the same time! I would recommend this bag to any of my female co-workers and all my female friends involved in business." - Leah Elizabeth from Marietta , GA

Samsonite LP350 Hardshell EVA Laptop Case/Pillow

"It was everything I hoped it would be. Should protect my laptop against most normal bumps and thumps. The 15.4" screen sized laptop was a tight fit initially, but with time it has come to fit nicely. I would definitely purchase this item again." - Brad from Fresno, CA

Samsonite XT780 Leather Laptop Case

"Bag is nice for those looking for something to fit smaller laptops. Strap is nearly worthless. It holds the bag up, but is so thin that it will inevitably twist no matter how many times I straighten it out. Had to spend $20 on a new strap just to make the bag tolerable. The Skooba strap I picked up from ebags is very nice, and is just what this bag needs. However, a decent strap really should have been included"

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