Physical Laptop Protection Guide and Pointers

Physical Laptop Protection Guide and Pointers
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Laptop protection does not extend to theft prevention, as we saw in a previous article, but to also how well it�s protected against physical damage. Here are few ways and tools to prevent your notebook from getting worn out earlier and how to protect it against physical hazards.

1) The best and most effective laptop protection tip is to be aware that notebook computers are fragile and delicate pieces of technology.

I never cease to be amazed at how certain people treat their computers. They leave them in dusty places, let their pets play with them and other careless acts that maximize the chances of laptop damage. And then, they get amazed when something goes wrong!

Being aware that laptops should be treated like your expensive dish collection is the first step to ensuring their safety from physical harm.

2) Get a good laptop carrying case, bag, briefcase, sleeve and so on. Hauling around such a fragile piece of technology in a normal bag is a recipe for disaster.

Conventional bags and cases are not suitable for laptop protection as they are not padded enough to be protect the computer from any shock for example. I have written a lot about carrying cases, bags and sleeves that you can invest in.

3) Clean your computer regularly. You�d be amazed at what kind of garbage will accumulate in your laptop and eventually affect its efficiency. If you can do it yourself using the right tools, that would be excellent otherwise, you should pay a certified professional once or twice a year and he or she will rid your computer from foreign substances.

The basic laptop cleaning tools are a lint free cloth, air duster and cleaning solution and you can get them at your local computer store.

4) Invest in laptop screen, keyboard protection pads. They will protect it against dust, fingerprints and during transportation.

Protecting your laptop from physical damage will not only make it last longer but it will not lose its value as fast as a computer that�s not cared for.



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