All About Panasonic Laptops aka Toughbook Laptop Computers

All About Panasonic Laptops aka Toughbook Laptop Computers
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Mobile computer users who spend their day places that look notebook unfriendly might want to give a big careful look at Panasonic laptops. Unlike mainstream systems, they are designed to withstand the most intense situations that one can come across.

What more is there to know about these rugged laptop computers?

If I am not mistaken Panasonic laptops were among the first rugged computers on the market. Professionals in so many different fields and environments use these kinds of computers. From soldiers fighting wars to engineers drilling holes in the middle of Alaska via marine scientists.

Toughbook notebook computers, the brand name of Panasonic laptops, are made to withstand water, drops, intense heat, dust, vibrations and more nasty things that can happen to fragile common notebooks.

What’s excellent about Toughbooks is that there are different systems for different industries. For instance, if you work around water, you will have a solution of a more waterproof computer.

But there’s a catch, if you can call it one, with Panasonic laptops.

They are pretty expensive! This means that for most computer users, it will be well beyond their reach. But companies and professionals who understand that it’s better to invest in a decent product than keep replacing a fragile one over and over, should spend the money without hesitation.

At this time of writing there are about eleven types of Panasonic laptops and I will not list them here as the list can become obsolete pretty quickly. See the complete line of Panasonic Toughbook laptop computers.

Should individual computer users purchase a Toughbook?

If you’re really, really clumsy and need a computer that will withstand shocks, spills, drops, “computer rage”, by all means, Panasonic laptops are a good shopping options.

Due to their high prices and rugged design, they don’t lose value as quickly as normal a notebook, which means that you can resell them without losing out too much.

Another special consideration is the looks and weight of these Panasonic laptops. They tend to be rather heavy and because ruggedness is the priority, they tend to look rather ugly.

In other words, I don’t think that you will look cool sitting at a public café but on the other hands, people in the know might admire you for spending such a great amount of money on a laptop.

In all seriousness, Panasonic Toughbook laptop computers are the ultimate choice for mobile computer users who work in environment that require rugged technology to help them do their work efficiently.


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