New Netbooks For The Fall

Looking for an everyday laptop that's compact, affordable, and stylish? Dell and Acer have you covered.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Fall is just around the corner, and laptop manufacturers are refreshing their netbook lines. So whether you're a business traveler, a student, or just a casual user, now is the perfect time to pull the trigger on a new ultra-portable computer.

The Inspiron i11z is the smallest (11.6-inch display and just 1 inch thick) member of Dell's Inspiron laptop line. Rather than the standard Intel Atom processor found in netbooks, Dell included Intel’s Celeron processor under the hood of this machine. The goal was to add some extra "oomph." Did they achieve this? Well, the 11z is quick for such a small machine, but it's still a netbook -- you may experience some lag while running games or video content. Still, this thing and light ultraportable packs more than enough punch to handle your basic computer functions.

Acer's Aspire One AO533 (10.1-inch display and also just 1 inch thin) features maximum portability in an eye-catching design. Powered by an Intel Atom processor, this device is, once again, not the greatest multitasking machine on the market, but you already knew that about netbooks. If your main priorities are reading email, browsing the web, listening to music, and handling basic desktop publishing, this little guy will get the job done. What sets this machine apart? Well, the AO533 boasts seven to eight hours of battery life, so if you're looking for a device with enough juice to get you through the work day, this could be the laptop for you.

Which laptop suits you best? Well, the Inspiron offers a bit more processing power, and extra power is always favorable. However, the Aspire One is a true portable machine, with its vastly superior battery life. Both are solid examples of what you tend to find in netbooks: stylish, extremely portable machines built to handle everyday computing tasks.


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