The case against buying cheap laptops

The case against buying cheap laptops
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

I am sure that by now you know that I am an advocate of cheap laptops shopping. But, everyday I get emails asking me about a given cheap notebook and they want to know if they should go ahead and purchase it. Most times, the answer is a resounding "No!" for a few reasons that I will address below.

Before you shop for cheap laptops there a few factors that you need to keep in mind. These will save you money and doctor bills you will get through the ulcers your prospective cheap laptop computer might cause you :o)

In my the article entitled "A Brief Buyer's Guide To Good Cheap Laptops", I stress that you should get a good quality laptop computer for a relatively price and *not* a cheap machine. By this, I mean such an inferior quality product that the only activities it will perform are break into pieces more times than you will ever wish for and make your mobile computing lifestyle a complete nightmare.

Please, be careful when considering any of the many cheap laptops on the market:

  • If the brand looks obscure, move on
  • If the warranty looks suspicious, move on
  • If the offer looks too good to be true, move on
  • If the e-commerce site seems too desperate to get rid of them, move on
  • If basically you smelly something fishy, move on.

Many people are getting ripped off trying to get cheap laptops. And the ironic thing is that it's actually not the merchant's fault but theirs because they overlook quality in favor of price. Don't be part of that naive group.

One last thing, use my source of cheap laptop computers. These are online stores that I trust that will sell you good notebooks without compromising quality hence their reputation. Also, do go back and read the cheap laptops guide, you will pick up a few things you might have overlook upon your first overview. Once your set, go forth and get your dream laptop for an enviable low price! Happy shopping :o)

Cheap laptops highly recommended online stores:

- Overstock - "Save Up to 80% every day": their business model is simple. They buy excess inventory from manufacturers and wholesalers at ridiculously low prices and these savings are passed onto customers. They do not compromise on quality however. When you see cheap laptops deals that seem unreal, it's not a trick, jump on them right away! And do not blink either because they fly fast!

- - Clearance Centre: how did this amazing e-commerce site become one of the most talked about online computer store by US, Canada and UK customers? Because they provide excellent products at fair prices. Do dig deep at the site that might seem overwhelming first and in no time, you should come across a great selection of cheap laptop computers for you to chose from.

- - Outlet, Used & Refurbished: I use to underestimate them but they really do have some amazing deals on mobile computers I sometimes wonder how they make money on that! But that's not my problem :o) Their loss is my gain and they are big anyway so they can afford to. Now wonder, this is the Internet's most popular e-commerce destination.

- Dell - Outlet: this is a secret. Don't divulge it. Dell has an outlet section where you can get excellent computers at very cheap prices. They are what we call refurbished notebooks but if you understand the benefits of reconditoned products, you will appreciate the Dell Outlet.

- Apple - Special Deals: if you are a Mac user and feel that they are just too expensive, you too can benefit from their Outlet store. But I need to warn you, their cheap iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 laptops fly out as soon as they are posted so you better train your fingers to click fast if you want to be the one to take home these amazing beauties no one will ever believe you.

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