Love Touchscreens? Check out Windows 7

Love Touchscreens? Check out Windows 7
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

From tech savant to first time user, one thing is very clear, people love touch screens. From the ever-popular iPhone to more obscure products like the Tissot T-Touch, the world is going touchscreen. If you love to get hands-on with your technology like so many other users, you may want to give Windows 7 another look.

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The touch screen interactivity is where the magic lies in Windows 7. I say “magic” because no one outside of the core Windows programmers really knows how this technology works, but the general consensus is that it's flat out amazing. Not only can you drag windows and scroll through websites with a touch of a finger, but it supports a multitude of other features like pan, zoom, and rotate. And it works with almost every program out there, not just special programs designed to interact with the touch features.

This is not to say that the technology doesn’t have it's share errors. Like most other new technology, touchscreen tech is fighting an uphill battle. I'm sure it's nothing that the brilliant minds at Microsoft can't fix. When this technology comes to fruition, it surely will not disappoint.

To go hand in hand with this new touchscreen technology, Windows 7 comes with a program called Bumptop. If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report, with Tom Cruise controlling his computer and moving windows around the desktop with the flick of wrist, this is it. (I would recommend a quick visit to Youtube if you haven't seen it.) In short, it's a desktop organizer that allows the user to quickly bump and toss objects around the screen, to create your own customized, easy-to-use desktop.


Who knows what makes touchscreens so attractive. Maybe it’s just that they’re more fun. But if you’re anything like me, and love the thrill of having complete control, literally, at your fingertips, then Windows 7 is definitely in the foreseeable future.


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