Lenovo X Series: Core i7-Powered Bid'niss Laptops

Lenovo X Series: Core i7-Powered Bid'niss Laptops
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


Lenovo unleashed their new X-series ThnkPad laptops last week, each featuring a burly Core i7 processor. The X201 and slim-and-trim X201s are "perfect for mobile professionals that need full performance and long battery life," as Lenovo's website eloquently puts it. These are indeed computers for traveling business-folk, at a feathery 2.5 lbs (for the lightest X201s model), a 12-inch LED-backlit screen, and a battery life of up to 12.5 hours (that'll get you from New York to Hawaii, which sounds like a great business trip). The X201 starts at $1,099 (though the base model comes with only a Core i5 processor), and the X201s at $1,399.

The real head-turner is the X201t. This convertible tablet is "great for students, healthcare, education and construction professionals," or at least Lenovo hopes so. This is no iPad, and at $2,134 to start, it's definitely aimed at a niche audience (but what student has $2,000 for a computer?).

All three models come equipped with some serious security measures as well, including a USB-based, 128 bit-encrypted, keycode-required hard drive. Lenovo is a leader in business-class laptops, so give these a look if you're serious about serious work and have a serious budget to match.

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