The One Thing To Look For In Portable Laptop Speakers

The One Thing To Look For In Portable Laptop Speakers
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Let me get this off my chest� ALL laptop speakers suck. ALL of them! It does not matter what manufacturer, what model, how powerful or beautiful it is, all laptops have speakers that stink. Those of us, who appreciate good sound, have to rely on our own initiatives.

I have no idea why laptop speakers have such poor quality sound. You�d think that these manufacturers who spend a lot money on research would quickly gather that almost every single computer user listens to music or watches video on his notebook.

It�s ridiculous� they fight to have the fastest machines which are supposed to play video better and yet they sort of ignore the fact that no matter how amazing the video card is, the whole experience will be messed up if the user can�t even appreciate the sound.

Most of us usually revert to an external sound output such as an external sound system but we can�t always lug around our sound when we need to take the computer on a trip or even to another room, can we?

Fortunately, some observing businesses did something about it by now offering laptop speakers. These specific speakers are meant to be portable and deliver superior sound that will allow the computer user to richly hear every single piece of audio.

A quick search reveals a plethora of laptop speakers from various brands. They all have features that make them unique in their own right but also different to accommodate needs of different computer users.

For instance, some are made more for video conferencing than movie watching and vice versa. Some are made to cute while some are ugly because it�s simply impossible to deliver superior sound while delivering nice aesthetics at the very same time. I guess that it�s like the beautiful person phenomenon. It�s kind of rare to see very attractive people that are very intelligent.

You�d imagine that laptop speakers would be rather expensive computer accessories. The prices seem fair starting from thirty American dollars upwards.

As a musician, the best laptop speaker shopping advice I can give you is that if they�re kind of heavy, they will do the job right. I won�t get into the complexities of speakers now but usually, the heavier they are, the better their quality. But of course, expect to pay extra for the privilege.

Since laptop speakers are meant to be portable, they will need a power source. Using normal power source (electricity) would be kind of defeating the whole exercise because they would require the user to be chained to a place with a plug.

Most laptop computer portable speakers are USB powered which means that you might also want to invest in a USB multi plug if you find that all your plugs are assigned already.

I would avoid those laptop speakers that have to be plugged into the main power because they would impractical. If you don�t move your notebook a lot and want sound, just invest into a proper system for your laptop as it will be cheaper and provider better sound that portable speakers.



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