Where to Find Excellent Laptop Review Sites

Where to Find Excellent Laptop Review Sites
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

As you�ve probably noticed, if you�re not a new visitor to this website, the laptop review sections on this site are not as updated as before. That�s because unfortunately, I don�t have the time to go through the overwhelming list of new laptops that come out each week and give them a proper review for you.

There are a few sites that specialize in laptop reviews and I have listed them for your convenience. They do the job better than I could wish to anyway as they sometimes have physical access to the notebook in question and therefore their review of a laptop is more technical than theoretical.


The most popular consumer technology blog has a dedicated laptop review and news category that is updated as soon as they get the latest scoop on a given notebook. They get submissions from readers, meaning that nothing goes past them.

PC World

Most of us know PC World as a magazine but they were quick to jump on the Internet as a mean to deliver news and laptop review related material. Smart move as in this fast paced world, a print magazine does not deliver news fast enough.


Probably one of the first web mags. This has been my source of laptop review content that helped me write this site especially when making mention of laptops that I have never seen or used to have hands-on experience with them. They also have some nice shopping guides but which are a little bit technical.

PC Mag

Same scenario as PC World. It�s a magazine with a strong web presence. They have a very good laptop finder and review section and I like the clean design, which is a rarity on tech related websites. I would also recommend their Expert Help section which features people who know laptops and other gizmos far better than I could dream to.


Isn�t Amazon.com a shopping site? Yes, it is. But in my opinion the laptop review content there carries more weight as it comes straight from notebooks� owners who share their daily experiences which is far better information than the one coming from someone who�s used it for an hour.


The second most popular consumer technology weblog. Like Engadget, it has the latest news and reviews on laptops and it�s a good source to bookmark or subscribe to via RSS. I like their tagline: �So much in love with shiny new toys, it's unnatural�.

So there you have it, with the above sources, you will be more than informed about laptops and you can find any laptop review. I will constantly monitor the list and update it if I come across worthy links. But for now, you�re in good hands.

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