The honest truth about laptop ratings and laptop reviews

The honest truth about laptop ratings and laptop reviews
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Searching for laptop ratings is one of the first steps that notebook shoppers take in order to make sure that she or he purchase the perfect one from the hundreds of laptops available on the market at any given moment. If yourself are in a situation where you are evaluating laptops by comparing different reviews, keep reading for important pointers.

Who's behind laptop ratings anyway?

Do you ever wonder about the motivation behind the laptop ratings you read? To tell you the honest truth, everyone comparing two laptops or doing any sort of reviews has some sort of motive behind her or his help.

For instance, if you go onto the big tech web sites such as CNet or ZDnet, you'll see that they offer laptop ratings as part of their content. But most of these laptops are rated by their experts who had the notebook in question for maybe a week or two. I am not saying that their results and reviews should not be trusted but do remember that they have not had the time to fully experience what the whole mobile computer can offer. Thus they can't tell you if it will be a good choice in the long term or if it will break after two months.

On the other hand, you have laptop ratings that you see on retailers' sites. Don't really buy into them too much because most of this content is provided by expert copywriters who know how to use the right words to get you to see a them in a favorable light. Basically, their job is to sell the laptop computer so they will only give you the very best side of the story.

And then you get laptop ratings from people like me :) Frankly, my motivation is not to make you purchase a given laptop computer over another because to be honest most computers are the same and it's only the package that looks different. You will notice that on this site, I will never really tell you what specific model to get because, I don't have the right answers due to the simple facts that I have never used all the laptops that were ever produced so I can not give a fair judgment.

Whose laptop ratings' should you trust?

The best laptop ratings come from actual owners or users of a given notebook. In other words, people who have spent their hard earned money to invest into the laptop you too are considering getting. These owners have used the machines for months or years in day to day operations and are the people best equipped to give you some solid info that you can rely on.

Once you determine what kind of laptop features you will need and you pinpoint potential candidates, the next move should to seek for feedback from current users. There are various sites dedicated to this such as Say for instance that you work out that a Dell Inspiron 1100 or an iBook G3 800 MHz are the perfect candidates. What do you do next? Well, you head of to sites that rate laptops and you read what current owners or users of the Inspiron and the iBook are saying.

From that, you will be able to see what kind of experience you might encounter when you too own the laptop. But, be sure to give more weight to comments made by users who more or less have the same computer habits as you. For instance, if someone moans about the Dell Inspiron 1100 by saying that it's not well built and that it breaks easily yet says that he's a professional mountain climber who has fallen off many cliffs with the laptop in his backpack, then you need to use your own reasoning and realise that the problem is not with the laptop but the user.

I hope that you see where I am getting with this laptop ratings thing. Basically, when you come across laptop ratings or comparisons, the most viable ones are the ones made by current users who have the same computing habits as you do. Of course, don't discard other ratings but don't treat them as gospel either. Happy shopping :o)


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