Laptop Protection Against Theft: One Free and Easy Prevention Technique

Laptop Protection Against Theft: One Free and Easy Prevention Technique
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

There are three kinds of laptop protection: 1) against theft 2) against physical damage 3) data security. The article below will discuss what you can do to protect your beloved portable computer from theft because someone out there is looking a notebook to steal.

1) The number one, easiest, cheapest and most obvious laptop protection technique is to simply be aware that it�s an easy target for theft. That constant thought in your mind alone will greatly decrease the odds of your computer being stolen.

You�ll never do things such as leaving the notebook alone at a coffee bar when taking a bathroom brake, nor will you walk around in an unsafe area with it.

2) A security cable is the most popular laptop protection tool. The most famous is made by Kensington and is called Microsaver and retails for about $ 40.

Here�s how it works: �Wrap the MicroSaver cable around an immovable object and insert the locking head through the cable loop�, advises the manufacturer�s website which goes on to define immovable objects as pipes that goes into the sink, around the steering wheel and my personal favorite, around the base of a toilet!

3) How about a motion detecting alarm? That�s surely a way to freak the living pants out of a thief and is pretty loud laptop protection tool.

Again, Kensington makes this laptop security accessory and its suggested retail price is $ 40 making it a rather cheap insurance technique. �Attach it to carrying case or laptop, alarm it with the easy three-digit key pad and it's ready to yell at the slightest bump or jiggle.� recommends the manufacturer. Just remember to make sure that the batteries are fully functional.

4) By the way, you can get a combination of 2 & 3, which is a security cable that�s attached to a motion detecting alarm. Two bodyguards that will cost you for $ 60.

5) Here�s one that I like�

Caveo Anti-Theft PC Cards are unique in their ability to provide robust security without sacrificing user convenience. They operate by detecting motion, analyzing it to determine whether a threat exists, and implementing responses. They are independent of the computer operating system and operate whether the laptop is on or off.

If an armed system is carried beyond a perimeter specified by the user, Caveo Anti-Theft assumes theft and invoke strong responses, including:

1 - Preventing access to the operating system,

2 - Securing passwords and encryption keys, and

3 - Sounding an audible alarm (optional).

From what I read, this company provides technology to museums to prevent collection theft.

One or more combination of the above technique and tools should be more than enough to ensure necessary laptop protection. And by the way, don�t forget to include your notebook in your home insurance and make sure that you have pictures of it so that when something goes wrong, they can see that you�re not faking it. Alternatively, you could jus hold on to the purchase receipt.


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