What Should I Know About Laptop Hard Drives - Ask The Laptop Advisor

What Should I Know About Laptop Hard Drives - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Need more storage space in your notebook or maybe need an upgrade? If you�re shopping for laptop hard drives, here are a few tidbits that will hopefully find useful.

- There are a few manufacturers of laptop hard drives so make sure that you get one made by Seagate, Maxtor (now part of Seagate), Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu and Toshiba.

- There are different laptop hard drive speeds. The faster it is the more performing a notebook will be although it�s on a very small scale. The caveat of speed is quick battery consumption of course.

- Today, many people would rather install their new laptop hard drives to save unnecessary service fees because the process is usually well explained in the manual. However, I would strongly suggest to the average computer user to shell out the bucks for extra peace of mind.

- No matter how much storage space you long for, you will always need more. I don�t know if there�s a law named after this strange phenomenon but most people I know who buy a new drive, fill it pretty quickly. All this to say that you should just go for the biggest drive that you can afford.

- Today�s laptop hard drives can have as much storage space as convention external drives. As I write this, I just read somewhere that one of the mentioned manufacturer has just unveiled a 750GB notebook drive!

- Once your upgrade is made, don�t just throw your old drive away. It may fall in the wrong hands and you could just use it as back up in case something goes wrong. Since something always goes haywire, it might be a good idea to have your old drive stored somewhere.

- You should check out some really cool external laptop hard drives. They are slick accessories to carry with you as opposed to usually brick sided conventional external drives.

- Before purchasing a laptop hard drive, do make sure that it�s compatible with your notebook. Drives are not the cheapest computer part so make sure that you don�t get any nasty surprises.

I hope that these points on laptop hard drives come in handy during your shopping journey. Good luck.



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