Laptop Gaming Trends Exposed

Laptop Gaming Trends Exposed
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

The one good thing with following the computer industry is noticing trends developing in front of your very eyes. The gaming laptop boom is such a case that I can clearly give as an example.

A few years ago, a reader asked me to help find the best gaming laptop on the market. I did not know much about gaming notebooks so I conducted some research and wrote a list of the best gaming laptops and a laptop buying guide for gamers.

The one thing that I observed was that they were no real computers made for gamers except for Alienware and Voodoo, two brands that are doing very well today. Most of the gaming laptop computers that I compiled were notebooks that were fast and powerful and with a good multimedia card. In other words, notebook computers that were for multimedia users that would also work for computer gaming enthusiasts.

Today, each major manufacturer has a gaming laptop line to meet the needs of millions who just want a fantastic experience when playing their favorite games. This explosion of choice has made things better for the gamer:

1) gaming laptop prices have dropped as the years go by due to increased competition

2) the quality, speed and power of laptops made for gamers have improved due to the fact that each manufacturer wants to be a step ahead and distinguish its brand and attract die hard gamers to its line.

If you’re into computer gaming, consider yourself lucky to be living in today’s time as the forces are in your favor. Now all the major web and print publications feature extensive coverage on gaming laptop computers and there are even specific sites dedicated to this small but fast growing market.

I will not go into the details of listing some of the best gaming laptop computers on the market today (as I did a few years ago) because by the time I will be done, there will be new models that will make the ones that I will have listed look like toys.

One of these days though, I will list a mini directory of gaming laptop manufacturers, review and comparisons sites and retailers who will give the best value for your hard earned money.


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