Laptop deals: 3 must-know secrets

Laptop deals: 3 must-know secrets
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

I was always under the impression that laptop deals spotting was one aspect I had dealt with in depth. But from the feedback I am getting, it seems that either I am not making myself understood or people are simply not reading the content found here and just want me to point them to the right direction.

To hammer in a point, I will (once again) reveal everything I know about snapping the best laptop deals on the Internet.

Look for the Outlet and Refurbished Sections

1) Probably the easiest way to get the best laptop deals is to head over to the various Outlet sections of reputable dealers of laptops. You will usually find the links towards the deals section hidden somewhere because they would rather you purchase the most expensive computers.

To get started, check out my personal sources of kick-butt laptop deals and when you see a notebook that meets your needs get it right away because I can guarantee you that such offers don't last long because they get snatched quickly!

Snap Up Models That are Being Replaced

2) If you follow technology news, you can predict when computer prices are going to drop or increase. Since you are after laptop deals, you will have to pay attention when a new model or laptop technology change is introduced on the market. You can be sure that within days, current inventory will have to be sold to make room for better laptops. And this is when resellers usually drop their prices to encourage customers to buy them and this is your cue to get in on the action.

Use Shopping Comparison Sites

3) One sure way to spot all the laptop deals is to browse from online store to online store. If you are patient, this will work wonders for you. If you are like me and do not have the time for that exercise, you can simply use those shopping sites that allow you to compare prices of different dealers from one central place thus saving you energy. The only problem about finding a deal on laptops on a shopping site is that a) profiled merchants are paying for inclusion b) these merchants adjust their prices accordingly, so the price differences are usually minimal.

I don't want to turn this into an essay and beside, I have to go meet some friends who do not tolerate people who are late. With the above three techniques you should be fine.

If you need in depth guides on how to spot the best laptop deals, select any below (update coming shortly)... Happy shopping and good luck :o)


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