Laptop backpacks: the best laptop computer carriers in the world?

Laptop backpacks: the best laptop computer carriers in the world?
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

What are the best laptop computer carriers in the world? Read on to find out...

Laptop backpacks are extremely popular nowadays with mobile computer users. As light as notebooks are, eventually, they'll start to weight on your left or right shoulder if you carry them in a laptop bag. Backpacks allow you to even out the weight on both shoulders and their other advantages is that they have enough room for whatever else you may need to carry with you.

Whether you are a student, backpacker, professional or any other kind of laptop owner, there are laptop backpacks out there to suit your needs and above all your tastes. Long gone are the days when they used to come in the boring plain black format. laptop bag manufacturers have, at last, realized that people are individuals and have various packs that notebook owners can choose from.

If you're a student, you may want a cool laptop backpack that gives you the freedom to carry your PC or mac around the campus and still hold enough room for your books, among other things that you need to have with you all day long. You obviously want the pack to look as good as the other bags that you're used to so, you'll probably need to choose from this range of trendy looking laptop backpacks.

If you spend most of your time on the road, climbing mountains, walking from continent to continent or anything extreme and still haul your laptop computer at all times, you need to make your selection from the laptop backpacks that are specifically for adventurous people like you. Your laptop bag backpack needs to be very strong and somehow look as if it was yet another backpack especially if you are travelling in places where you don't want people to know that you're carrying a laptop with you for security reasons.

If you are a business professional and need to make business presentation for example, the very florescent bright laptop backpacks are out of question for you (unless you are in the entertainment or some artistic industries) to show up with. But this does not mean that you must settle for the boring typical grey laptop case backpack or leather laptop backpack. When I attended one of these "World Summits" in Johannesburg, South Africa, many conference attendees had some stylish yet formal looking laptop computer carriers. laptop bag backpackThe iBook case pictured on the right is the one that impressed me the most. For an even wider selection, check out Spire USA's laptop carriers and make your pick.

My favorite laptop backpacks manufacturer (at the time of this writing) and retailer is Spire It's a company unlike others. For starters, the owners and employees are a bunch of mobile computing fanatics who are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest laptop bag pack packs, case backpacks on the planet. Everything they sell is designed, tested, and manufactured in Boulder, Colorado.

Other things I appreciate about Spire USA is that unlike other laptop case backpack manufacturers they actually know a great deal about notebooks, their users and they are very clued up with fashion trends. All this makes their products trendy, durable and I still yet have to come across a notebook PC or mac that will not found its perfect match from their laptop backpacks range.

Online Laptop Backpack Stores

  • Side note: The biggest business laptop backpacks online retailer is eBags. As a matter of fact they are the of laptop carriers!
  • Speaking of, I also see that their laptop bags range is supplied by eBags (just in case you are more comfortable doing your online shopping at Amazon).
  • My guess is that eBags are just so big and offer such a huge and comprehensive inventory of bags that it's better to associate with them than compete with them which, I guess, is what the executives were probably thinking. After all, eBags have shipped more than 1,0000 (laptop) bags!


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