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By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

  1. Best Laptops For Creative Users

    Need a gift for the colorful personality on your list? The laptops in this holiday shopping guide are sure to excite the musician, moviemaker, photographer, or blogger in your family. Read More »
  2. Best Laptops For Movie Buffs

    Do you have a special movie buff on your shopping list, but one who's constantly on the move, or just doesn't have room for a big TV screen? Take a look at one of these multimedia laptops, with big screens, Blu-ray drives, and great speakers. Read More »
  3. Best Laptops For Gamers

    A PC gaming fanatic needs a reliable, responsive laptop that supports high-end graphics and sound. Need some help shopping for a new gaming laptop this holiday season? We're happy to help. Read More »
  4. Best Multimedia Laptops

    Sometimes known as desktop replacements, these multimedia computers are ready to entertain. The screens are big, speakers clear, processors powerful, a growing number have Blu-ray drives, and some even have HDMI outputs for convenient connection to an even bigger entertainment display -- your HDTV. If music, movies, and pictures are your thing, these will get the job done in a big way. They'll even play most of your games too. Read More »
  5. Best Netbooks

    Small-screened netbooks are the go-to choice for on-the-go users, and are a viable option for those on a very strict budget. They're not as powerful as full-on notebooks, and they typically lack optical disc drives. But they're great for web surfing and simple tasks like word processing, and newer models are actually quite adept at playing high-def video, so if that's all you'll need to do, take a look below. Read More »
  6. Best $400 Laptops

    What if you want a laptop, but you can only pay about $400 for? In this article, we take a look at four different laptop manufacturers and weigh the positives (and the negatives) of their lineup in the $400 range. Read More »
  7. Best $1000 Laptops

    What if you want a laptop, but you can only pay about $900? In this article, we take a look at four different laptops in the $900-$1000 price range and look at their positives and negatives. You can get a solid machine at this price. Read More »


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