Some Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Some Must-Have Laptop Accessories
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

If you�re highly mobile and want a pleasant computer experience, there are a few laptop accessories that should accompany you and your notebook. Below, I will list some that I deem essential or really useful and helpful.

1) Headphones.

I have said it over and over, internal laptop speakers suck. Try to listen watch a movie in a public space and two things will happen. One, you will annoy people next to you and two, you won�t be able to hear anything as the sound quality will be so poor.

Getting a good set of headphones will make the whole experience better and you will find that the added bonus of including them in your laptop accessories is the fact that by putting them on, you will isolate yourself from outside noise allowing you to better focus on your work.

2) Privacy Filter

Don�t you hate when you�re sitting in a caf�, plane or any other public space and you can�t help notice the people who in all shamelessness stare at what you are doing or watching on your notebook?

Enters the laptop privacy filter, which as screen that prevents people from seeing what�s going on in your laptop unless they�re sitting in front of it. That means that only you can view your computer. I actually discovered it when I glanced at a guy�s computer in a caf� and could not see anything and when I asked him about it, he explained to me what it was and how it worked.

3) Laptop Protection

These laptop accessories will prevent your computer from physical damage, theft or data loss. It�s a tough world out there and you never know what can happen within seconds. For instance a lock will prevent anyone from snatching your laptop when going to get a coffee refill while a laptop sleeve will protect your notebook in your bag from scratches, bumps and so on.

You might also want to invest in a flash or external portable drive to instantly back-up your most valuable data as you never know what might happen if you accidentally push the table your notebook is sitting on and it falls and breaks into thousands of pieces.

4) Wi-Fi/ Hotspot finder

Normally to locate wireless Internet, you must have your computer. These cool laptop accessories allow you to figure out what networks are available to you and which ones are public!

Now, in some states and countries it�s legally to access private wireless networks even if they are open but sometimes, some businesses offer wireless Internet as way to attract clients.

Gone are the days when you had to drive or walk around the city with your computer on trying to find a good signal!

I am running out of space� the above were the laptop accessories that I personally find useful. Of course there are more but too much and they become a nightmare.

After all, you don�t want to be hauling around 20 thousand accessories and having a hard time unpacking and connecting them!



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