Laptop Accessories

Laptops can stand on their own, but accessories can enhance the user experience, extend the computer's lifespan, or even just make the thing easier to carry. Consider this a rudimentary guide to laptop accessories, a starting point from which you can explore endless possibilities.
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

  1. Laptop Bags

    A pretty straightforward concept here. It’s easier and safer to tote your laptop when it’s in a bag, and good ones have room for accessories, peripherals, and chargers. See Bags
  2. Laptop Backpacks

    Same thing as a laptop bag, but it fits over your shoulders and onto your back. Backpacks can also carry more, whether that means more accessories or more books, documents, or whatever you can think of. See Backpacks
  3. Laptop Batteries

    Sometimes batteries burn out from overuse, sometimes you’re not near an outlet. Buy a backup battery in case your main one craps out in an important situation. See Batteries
  4. Laptop Cooling Pads

    Some laptops get hot. Really hot. Gaming laptops and thin-and-lights are especially prone to overheating, so to prevent frying your lap, or worse, the expensive components inside the machines, pick up a cooling pad to help dissapate the heat. It's not a foolproof solution, but it helps. See Laptop Cooling Pads
  5. Keyboard Protectors

    Be real, do you always wash your hands before you sit down at the computer? Never eaten cheesy junk food over your keyboard? It’s OK, you don’t have to pretend. But you might want to pop a rubberized protector onto your keyboard. It keeps dirt from building up on the keys and little crumbs from getting inside the machine. Protectors are cheap too. See Keyboard Protectors
  6. Computer Mice

    Not all touchpads are created equal, and none are created for gamers. If you prefer a mouse (who doesn’t?), add one into your set-up, whether it’s a cheap model with a cord or a metallic bluetooth-powered gaming grip decked out with a dozen buttons. See Computer Mice
  7. Laptop Stands

    Carpal tunnel syndrome and neck strain are no joke. If you’re in pain after a session at your laptop (wimp), pop your laptop up on a stand. Typing and staring will never have been more comfortable. It keeps your machine and your lap a bit cooler as well. See Laptop Stands
  8. External Drives

    Your 100GB stock hard drive can’t keep up with your music and movie habits? Add another one on. External hard drives are physically tiny, hold massive amounts of data, and don’t cost a whole lot either. For faster performance, grab a solid state drive, but be prepared to pay more dough for less storage. See External Drives
  9. USB Microphones

    What’s that? I can’t hear you. You need a USB microphone. Whether it’s for Skype, podcasting, or voicing-over a video clip, a good mic comes in handy. Most decent machines have a low-quality mic built in, but you can upgrade for just a few bucks, so why not take a look? See USB Microphones
  10. Webcams

    Like microphones, many decent laptops have a built-in webcam. Unlike microphones, quality isn’t all that important unless you’re making money from running live streaming shows (yep, those live streaming shows). If you need one for a video podcast, Skype or a similar video-chat service, grab a low-cost model with solid user ratings. See Webcams


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