Introducing: The Dell Adamo Notebook

Introducing: The Dell Adamo Notebook
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


Let’s face it, Dell laptops have never been the prettiest laptops, but the new Adamo may just change the Dell stereotype as we know it. Now, as laptop specs are starting to “top out,” it seems that more and more people are buying for looks rather than purely features. As you’ve seen in the past, the Inspiron laptops are hardly aesthetically pleasing, if you will, and Dell tried to remedy the problem a little bit with their laptop skins, and even their Studio line of notebooks. But, now, it seems that Dell took a page, well maybe several pages, out of Apple’s book and crafted quite the laptop.


As far as the looks go, we see quite a bit of ergonomic design. Normally, the Dell laptops look like, quite frankly, like they were built out of Legos. This time around, the laptop is made from aluminum, which consists of large single pieces, rather than several pieces put together. In addition, you have a backlit keyboard, with curved keys, plus a 13.4” glass screen that spans the entire upper chassis. Even the vents in the back have been artistically designed. The color comes in either onyx or pearl, both which have a nice, sleek, polished finish for some additional glamour. For a full look at the laptop design visit


Although the design of the laptop may be flawless, the specs aren’t really anything out of the ordinary. The laptop boasts Bluetooth, DDR3 memory, and a variety of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, but other than that, its pretty much all basics. The nice part is that the specified battery life is approximately 5 hours (probably 4 in actuality), which is to be expected from a laptop of this size. Even though the specs are nothing special, you may find some extra appeal in the accessories.


Unlike most laptops I’ve seen in the past, the Dell has matching accessories. The only laptop company I’ve really seen to do this in the past is Sony, who do it to a large extent. I guess the Apple line of products have “matching” accessories, but it seems as though Dell went above on and beyond on this one, on par with Sony. With your onyx or pearl Adamo, you can get a matching external hard drive, 250 or 500 GB, a DVD/Blu-Ray drive, and finally, a USB drive. If sleek, matching, technology is something you crave, then here it is.


All in all, I think the Adamo is going to be a serious contender in the laptop world. Yes, the specs are nothing special, but let’s face it, the laptop is just plain cool. I’m not one to buy technology based on looks, but I’m beginning to consider it based on laptops like this.


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