Apple Laptops Reviews: MacBook & MacBook Pro Notebooks Shopping Tips and Finder

Apple Laptops Reviews: MacBook & MacBook Pro Notebooks Shopping Tips and Finder
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

In early 2006, Apple laptops were given a big makeover. Out were the PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 series and in were the MacBook Pro and MacBook series. This model name change was a statement that Mac laptop computers had reached an new era that required new naming.

Today’s Apple laptops are powered by Intel Core Duo processor, which in plain English means that now they’re able to run faster and perform more than the previous generation’s processor. There are essential two models available: The MacBook and MacBook Pro series

Apple MacBook Laptops

The Apple MacBook laptop computer line was first unveiled in May 2006 at the excitement of Mac supporters worldwide. Physically, it looks pretty much like it’s ancestor the iBook G4 line. The only differences are the addition of a built-in iSight, Apple’s webcam and the barely noticeable keyboard change.

13,3” MacBook laptops are still for the average computer users who do not require a lot of processing power and speed to complete their daily tasks. I would say that if you use your computer to check email, write word reports, surf the net, play music, watch movies and play basic games, this is the shopping option to consider, as it’s the best value for money.

The MacBook Apple laptops are available in two distinct options: The White and the Black.

White MacBookBlack MacBook

Beside the obvious color difference, the processing power of those two 13” Apple laptops is different. The Black one is slightly more powerful than the White from the word on the street, it has replaced the 12” PowerBook G4 which has sadly been discontinued.

You can see the full specifications and tech features of these Apple laptops at the manufacturer/seller’s site. They are upgraded so constantly that keeping in touch becomes cumbersome and beside, they present them much better than I possibly could with my limited graphic skills.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptops

The Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer line is the replacement of the PowerBook G4, Mac’s high-end notebook line. Physically, they also look alike albeit the iSight integration.

Macbook ProThe MacBook Pro Apple laptops are available in three configurations: two 15.4” models (different in processing power) and one 17” (different in size and processing power). You’ll notice that there’s no 12” version. That was the piece of news that upset me the most as I really liked the look and size of that Mac laptop which now is defunct and only available as a PowerBook G4.

The MacBook Pro line is the choice of professionals in the multimedia industries or users who just appreciate speed and power. Since they’re 15.4” sized, they are still portable but not very much. The 17” is definitely a drag to carry around and all the best of luck to you if you have to move it around everyday.

Like mentioned earlier, I will not go into the technical details of these Apple laptops as you can see them neatly presented at, where you will also be able to configure them for your purchase.

Apple laptops are still the choice of millions who appreciate a good experience doing their daily computing tasks. They’re still are slick, sexy and will get you attention in the sea of the competing brands. Like I said a few years ago, if you want to look different and want a laptop computer that you can rely on for years to come, there’s no better bet today.

Apple Laptops Online Stores
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  • Apple Store - iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 Mac laptops What is the obvious number one place for Apple laptops shopping? Yup! You guessed it: the Apple Store! Whether you are considering switching to Mac computers or are a regular Mac user in need of an upgrade or any parts or accessories, you'll find it there.

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