Gateway Laptops: The next big thing?

Gateway Laptops: The next big thing?
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

The Next Big Thing In Mobile Computing?

Slowly but surely,Gateway laptops are becoming the mobile system of choice for hundreds of thousands computer user. After all, they're reliable, affordable and are available in different series that will suit any prospective laptop computer buyer.

If you're looking for a good desktop computer alternative, then the Gateway® 600 series will be your first consideration in all the Gateway laptops. They're equipped with all the latest tech features that guarantee an impressive performance.

One particular feature that won me over was their impressive stereo sound. You and I know that notebooks usually deliver poor sound but the Gateway® 600 XL, X and S models are an exception. They're pretty bulky though... but yet again, they're meant to be desktop alternatives.

The Gateway® 400 are what I like to refer to as "normal notebooks", i.e. not too bulky and not to small to the point where you struggle with the keyboard! The 400 XL, X, S, SP Gateway laptops are either powered by Intel® Pentium® 4 or Intel® Celeron® processors but still remain highly affordable.

Like all the Gateway notebooks, they come with a 1 year limited warranty which is reassuring if you know how cheeky laptop computers can be!

"The Gateway® 450 blends price, performance, and portability" to quote the manufacturer. Yes, that's a powerful claim however believable if you come across any 450 XL, X and S Gateway laptops.

As thin and light as they are, don't underestimate their processing power though: Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4. However, their weight raised my eye brow. At around 5-6 lbs. they're not particularly light. But you could easily travel with them... just make sure that you have a comfortable laptop bag.

And finally in the Gateway laptops series, is the single model Gateway® 200. Compared to its siblings it's certainly way, lighter(3lb.), more portable and thinner. This is the sort of notebook system that is used by big companies top executives. It's not that cheap but compared to competitive brands it's pretty OK.

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