Dell Laptop Still A Worthy Shopping Option? - Ask The Laptop Advisor

Dell Laptop Still A Worthy Shopping Option? - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

In the last couple of months, Dell laptop computers have faced numerous issues such as battery recalls, the manufacturer’s inability to efficiently deal with customer support issue and other bad press that has turned Dell from a darling into a little devil.

Should you still shop for Dell laptop computers?

At the end of the day, there’s nothing really bad about the quality of Dell laptop computers. Companies recall some of their products all the times. A recall is painless: if a certain component of your laptop is recalled, you send it in and they issue you with a trouble free new one. That’s how it works in theory at least.

The real problem for Dell laptop owners is the quality of the customer support. They just get overwhelmed with phone calls from inexperienced computer owners.

Why is this happening? Well, initially Dell laptops were sold to business owners and very technically inclined computer users were among the first non-business clients.

Thus, the company could handle the support of the Dell laptop computer lines because the number of customers was bearable and there were less questions because these business owners either had their in house geeks to deal with the issues and the tech savvy consumers can usually fix the general issues without the intervention of Dell’s customer service.

The rubber hit the road when the effort to gain marketshare and increase the company’s growth was launched. This effort would include selling any Dell product including the laptops to the average or non-tech savvy consumer. It was thanks to the ease of online ordering that made even the first time computer user, a potential customer as he or she could purchase the computer on the website without any hassle.

Some people who work at the manufacturer’s support department for Dell laptop computers have confirmed that most of the calls they get are from inexperienced computer users and shoppers and some of their questions are just plain easy to solve for an tech savvy computer user.

I hope that you see where I am going with this…

There’s nothing wrong with Dell laptop computers. They still are some of the best shopping consideration for a budget conscious AND (the capital letter is on purpose) tech savvy shopper who’s willing to leave with Dell’s awful customer service.

If you know nothing about computers, are scared of them or just want the peace of mind that there’s a star team waiting on the phone line to address your computing issues, I would not recommend you shopping for a Dell laptop computer because should you for instance have trouble, you’re in for an experience I would only wish to the worst boss I have ever worked for.


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