Dell Laptop And Netbook Computers

Dell Laptop And Netbook Computers
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The World's Most Popular Laptop Brand Has A Machine For All Your Needs

Last Updated Feb. 22, 2010

By Johanna Maaghul With a strong reputation in the industry, Dell continues to sell more portable computers than any other manufacturer in the industry. While smaller manufacturers are quickly approaching their sales figures -- Acer is knocking on the top-spot door -- Dell continues to be a strong, stable player in the market. They are particularly known for their on-site support provided through their standard (non mail-in) warranty. Dell users have mixed feelings on Dell's customer support and service, but in general, these are solid, decently reliable computers.

Inspiron Series: A Great Balance of Price To Performance

dell inspiron 14The tried-and true Inspiron series is one of Dell’s longest-running lines. It continues to be a popular choice for those looking for an inexpensive laptop with a strong track record. It has all the specs and features to do most of the basic tasks for the casual at-home user or on-the-road blogger, writer or Microsoft Suite-user. The Inspiron comes in dozens of configurations, ranging in size from the new, small-screen 11z model up to the comfy Inspiron 15, and many in between. Like any successful brand, the Inspiron has seen some changes over the years, but continues to be one of Dell’s best-selling, mid-range mainstream laptops. Try the Inspiron 14, running a 2.2 GHz Dual Core processor, 3 GB RAM, 14-inch screen, and 250 GB hard drive for $499.

Studio Series: Better Performance, More Media Possibilities

dell studio 15For those who are looking for an multimedia machine/desktop replacement-type model, the Dell Studio Series could be a good fit. This line offers more RAM and a slightly bigger screen than the Inspiron series, so many of the models are great for multimedia or home entertainment use. The Studio 15, for example, comes with several great media features including a 15.6-inch high-definition LED-backlit screen, an HDMI port for easy connection to an external monitor or TV, a 5.1 channel audio surround sound system with a sub-woofer to really get your tunes bumpin'. It's also equipped with an ExpressCard/34, which allows you to add other devices such as a TV tuner, as well as an 8-1 media card reader. The model reviewed here comes equipped with an Intel Core 2.13GHz Processor, 4 GB RAM, and a 500 GB hard drive. That's even enough power for some light photo and graphic work, a deal at $699.

Mini Netbooks: Personalized Portability

dell mini10vNetbooks are a dime a dozen, but Dell throws some fun, liveliness, and personalization into the mix with their Mini series, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Weighing in at just over two and a half pounds, the Mini 10 series netbooks are built for portability. They're not all that powerful (no netbooks are) but they're perfect for the young student who wants to express his or her individuality and get some homework done on a machine light enough to toss in a backpack and go. The Mini 10v includes a keyboard at almost full laptop size (92 percent of the size of a laptop keyboard). With a sharp screen as well as available GPS and TV Tuner, this machine has great choices for personalization. Get it with the standard netbook guts: a 1.6 GHz Atom processor, a 10.1-inch display, and a 160 MB hard drive for $249. Note: Only the Mini 10 Tuner/GPS, with comes equipped with a choice of either of these features, offers the full Dell warranty. All of the other models require mail-in repairs during the warranty period.


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