How-to: Build Your Own Laptop - Steps to take if you want to build a laptop of y

How-to: Build Your Own Laptop - Steps to take if you want to build a laptop of y
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Steps to take if you want to build a laptop of your dreams

Do you want to build your own laptop and you'd like to find out how it's done and where to do it? If yes, you are reading the right column as I will discuss how to build a laptop that contains all the features that are essential to your mobile computing needs. Many computer shoppers do this not only to get a perfect notebook but to save a substantial amount of money.

There are various place online where you can build your own laptop. They're are all different of course. The differences are usually in the fact that most sites only allow you to build a laptop computer of a specific brand only. For example, as you'll see below, you could customize your very own notebook as long as it is a Dell, Apple, Compaq and so on. The other cases, I have seen are instances where one retailer allows you to add components into a no-name-brand laptop box but you can add components from various manufacturers. I have never tried this and find this to be quite tricky if you are not totally knowledgeable with laptops and the computer industry.

The best way to build your own laptop on the Internet is to hop over to Just to make sure that some of the readers do not think that I am biased, I'll back up my statement by letting you know that the Dell e-commerce site is the most popular among consumers. Mac users, don't worry because The Apple Store allows you to build a laptop too although your options are pretty limited. But, Apple laptops are so diverse that you will find something that will suit you just fine without any major need of customization.

How To Build Your Own Laptop At

As a PC user who does not favor a brand over another, the recommended place to build your own laptop is at It's so easy, fast and can save you a serious amount of money if you had to purchase a "ready to order" notebook. The Dell website explains the full steps to build a laptop in details so I will not go into them extensively but here goes anyway.

1) Identify what kind of laptop computer user you are (i.e.: gamer, multi-media, highly mobile, student, and so on). This is to help you choose what kind of Dell laptops are best suited to your needs and budget.

2) Select your notebook range from the Inspiron or the Latitude line say for instance the Inspiron 8500 if you are a heavy gamer who does not carry your laptop around very much or the Latitude D-Family if you are a professional who's on the road a lot and hence size, weight and battery life of the Dell laptop are crucial to you.

3) After you have selected your Dell Inspiron or Latitude models, you are a few steps away to build your own laptop. Just make sure that the description of the models is in sync with your computing needs and then select the "Customize" button as opposed to the one called "Recommended Systems" which would take you to ready-to-order models. To illustrate with an example, I would for instance select the Inspiron 600m models because it suits my computing needs (highly mobile with slightly above basic use as most of my tasks are checking emails, writing content and surfing the net). The Inspiron 600m are small, have a long battery life and are efficient enough to perform my tasks.

4) Assuming that you have now clicked on "Customize" or "Customize and Price", you can now build a laptop that is unique to you and watch in real time how much it going to cost you as you customize it. Sticking with my example, I would for instance select a Pentium® M 1.30 GHz processor instead of a Pentium® M 1.40 GHz (savings: $50), get some 512 KB RAM for $225 (even though in real life, I would buy the lowest RAM possible and buy RAM somewhere else where I can get if for *way* cheaper such as

I would then go on further (btw: feel free to use this example to build your own laptop) and add a 40GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive at $119 because I don't really need 60 GB, a 24XCD-RW/DVD Combo Drive for $119 as I am not interested in burning DVDs by instead adding a 2x CD/DVD burner and pay $249 for the privilege and so on... I am sure that by now you see how you too can build a laptop easily.

5) After you are done, you simply "Update Price & Ship Date" which really is self-explanatory or hit "Continue" for the next steps. When you are done with the process to build your own laptop, you will be given a date when your notebook will be ready for shipment and how much it's going to cost you. Yes, it does take longer to process orders where shoppers build a laptop because, it has to be assembled from scratch.

6) When your laptop is ready, it will be shipped, your credit card billed and you will be a proud owner of a nice Dell laptop that is unique to you.
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