How-to: Build A Laptop Unique To You - More Tips to build your own laptop

How-to: Build A Laptop Unique To You - More Tips to build your own laptop
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you build a laptop that meet your current specifications. Please note that this is a sequel (Yes, I did watch the Matrix :) to the article entitled "How to build your own laptop". You might want to check it out if you have not read it yet. OK, now let's move on. These specifics recommendations should save you a couple of bucks that you can spend on various accessories or on yourself :)

1) When you build a laptop computer that meets your unique mobile computing needs, it is advisable to leave what I call a precautionary gap. What do I mean by this? Well, I am sure that your computing usage is pretty much fixed. For instance in the last three years, I have been using my computer to write articles, surf the net, check my emails and use very basic applications.

Then recently, I decided to start getting into music editing. After getting hold of a few software, I realized that my machine needed more features than I'd ever made provision of. When you build your own laptop do remember to make provision for any changes that might happen in the future. Say for instance, if you typically need 128 KB of RAM, you might want to really get 256 KB instead.

2) When you build a laptop computer and you use the requirements of the applications that you will be using, do not fall into the trap of customizing your notebook by following the minimum requirements suggested by the software maker. A minimum requirement is usually, the absolute specifications of a computer that the application or program, will need to run. Of course, when you use your computer, you usually have a few windows open simultaneously that run different programs.

Furthermore, these applications might need upgrades that might make the original minimum requirements obsolete. The problem is that you might be stuck because your computer might not be able to run the program any more. So I guess that the lesson to conclude from the above is that while you build your own laptop, it's a good idea to keep this in mind and slightly add more features than you think you need.

If you are a PC user, the most popular e-commerce site that allows you to build a laptop according to your needs is and of course if you are a mac user, head over to the Apple Store. I will add more points to consider while you build your own laptop but the ones that I shared are crucial. Good luck and have fun building a notebook unique to you and your computing requirements.


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