Ask The Laptop Advisor

Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Have a question about laptops, netbooks, notebooks, or whatever you want to call your portable computer? Ask it in the comment box below, and we'll do our best to answer it. In general, it's our pleasure to help you out whenever possible, but try to stick to the following guidelines -- it'll make things easier for all of us:

- Ask specific questions. Questions like "What about Sony?" probably won't be answered because, well, what about them? Questions like "Would you recommend buying Product A over Product B?" will probably be answered, because we're pretty good at multiple choice tests.

- If you want us to tell you which computer to buy, first check out this guide. We cover the broad categories here, and at least 75 percent of the time, we would recommend something from this list anyway.

- If you don't think our guide applies to your situation (it's very possible), and you need more advice, tell us your budget and what you'll be using the computer for. There are hundreds of laptops out there, we need to narrow it down somehow.

- If you're just looking for a $500-600 computer to browse the internet, play some games, and use Microsoft Office, our guide applies to your situation. We got questions just like this all the time on an older version of this Q&A-style page. Again, dozens of laptops fit this description, and we've already picked the one we think is the best value. Our answer won't change, at least not for a few months. Sorry.

- Patience is a virtue

Since this is an open forum, anybody who has an answer to any questions can feel free to chime in. Ask away!

-- Laptop Advisor


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