Another Apple Pro: Customer Support

Another Apple Pro: Customer Support
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

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It used to be, back in the day, where everyone prided themselves on customer support. This is where products were made or broken in the real world. When Dell first got started, their top notch customer support is one of the reasons that they got off to a booming start; much faster than most of the other laptop companies. Well, now, the Dell customer support is in a sad state of affairs, but more on that another time. Let’s just take a look at Apple’s customer support and see why its so much better than the rest.

The Non-Outsourcing

Now, I’m not being racist in any way, especially because my parents are from India, but the fact of the matter is that out-sourced customer service almost always causes problems. There are serious communication issues, due to either language barriers or inability to understand accents. Even further are the problems with a non-integrated customer supported. Usually the upper level customer support and management is in the United States, whereas the outsourced lower level customer support is in a different country. This causes several communication and time lag issues between customer service escalation. Apple, on the other hand, keeps all of its customer service (to my knowledge and experience) in house. This helps eliminate all of these barriers.

The Genius Bar

I’m sure if you’ve ever walked into an Apple store you’ve seen it, or even read about it on the internet. Basically it is just a help desk at the Apple store, with decently trained technicians. Most of the time only software problems are actually solved by the people at the Genius Bar, but even so, it is nice to actually interact with a person rather than a voice on the phone. Although the Genius Bar can’t solve your laptop problems most of the time, it is nice that they take care of the process of shipping, receiving, and everything in between. This saves you some time and trouble if anything else.

The Quick Turnaround

This is probably my favorite aspect of the Apple customer support. With most non-Apple products, whether it be Dell or Toshiba, or almost any other laptop company, the turn around time is weeks. Usually the quote time is between 2 and 8 weeks (depending on how lucky you are). This isn’t the case with most Apple repairs. The timeframe is generally in the span of days, not weeks. Usually its approximately 3-5 days, barring any unforeseen circumstances. When most people use their laptops for school, work, or just daily functionality, it is definitely not something you can do without for more than days.

From the examples above, and countless customer satisfaction stories online, it is clear to see that Apple’s customer support is leaps and bounds above most others. Obviously, this customer support isn’t free, and the costs may not be passed on to you directly, but one way or the other you will pay for it. Whether this is one of the reasons why Apple products are significantly more expensive, or why out of warranty repairs are considerably more expensive, the cost eventually comes back to the customer. Many laptop companies end up outsourcing to lower the overall cost of their laptops. The additional customer support is something I’m willing to pay some extra money for, but its up to decide whether the tradeoff is worth it for yo.


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