About The Laptop Advisor

About The Laptop Advisor
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Hello All,

I'm Liam, editor of Laptop Advisor. We hope that the info that we've pulled together, as well as the community feedback, will help you to make an easy, informed decision about which laptop you should buy.

At Laptop Advisor, we stand by our long-held belief that most laptop and sites around the web tend to be overly technical and unhelpful to the average person who's just trying to find a good computer to fit their budget. With so many brands, models, and configurations available, all that info can be overwhelming. We try to present information to consumers in a way that helps them find the right machine, without getting too much into the technical minutiae.

To keep the site dynamic, we also post a news story about an exciting (or head-scratching) development every week or so--notable new models, prevailing trends, big rumors, and the like. We're not a news site by any means, but in a category as fast-evolving as laptops, we think it's worthwhile to report on significant developments.

So stay tuned to Laptop Advisor as portable computing moves forward. We're working hard to create new pages and to update older ones to reflect the current trends, and give the site a facelift as well.

Thanks for reading,

Liam Editor Jan. 15, 2010

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