5 Ways to Up Your Battery Life

5 Ways to Up Your Battery Life
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


Let’s face it: there are two things every person needs.  The first is a winning lottery ticket, and the second is, obviously, a longer battery life on your laptop.  We can help provide one of those two things for you.  Just a hint, it’s the one that doesn’t involve you winning millions of dollars, sorry.  But, who knows, maybe with that extra hour of battery life, you can go online, enter a lottery, and win.  Anyway, down to business: we’re going to give you 5 simple solutions to help extend your battery life, because who doesn’t need more battery life?

Dim Your Screen

This is probably the main saver of battery life.  If you take your screen from the current brightness setting to the lowest possible brightness setting, you can increase your battery life by up to two times.  Unless you’re watching a movie and require the extra backlight, then this is a great solution on the go, especially if you’re crunched for some extra juice.

Lay Off the Graphics

Your non-dedicated graphics cards are one of the largest battery hogs of your laptop parts.  So try and either A) disable the graphics card and use the integrated graphics, if that’s an option, or B) use programs that do not require a lot of graphics.  This may mean less video, and less Adobe programs, but you sometimes you have to make the sacrifices in order to preserve your precious battery life.

Avoid CD-ROM Usage

If you plan on watching DVDs or playing computer games, try either getting the movie on to your laptop (legally), and/or mounting an image of the computer game (again, legally) beforehand.  This will save on yet another part of your laptop which consumes large amounts of power.  If you have information on a DVD or CD, try putting the information on a flash drive instead, which uses very little power.

Unplug the External Devices

This means things like USB powered mice, iPods, cell phones, etc.  Not only do a lot of these devices draw out a lot of power to run, while connected to your laptop, but they also tend to charge from your laptop battery.  At times of critical battery level, you don’t want your last minutes to be converted into cell phone or battery power.  Also, avoid using things like external mice, and use the touchpad instead.  This especially includes Bluetooth devices, which tend to use much more power than the rest.

Close Non-Essential Programs

Try and close as many programs as you can.  This means both turning them off through the msconfig command so that they don’t start up with your computer, and/or ending processes through the task manager.  Taking off non-essential programs can increase your laptop performance, and battery life, at the same time.  So kill two birds with one stone and close those unnecessary applications.


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