5 Reasons to Get a Mac -- The Pros

5 Reasons to Get a Mac -- The Pros
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


Well, here’s probably where the most heated debates in the laptop world. And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people considering whether to buy a Mac or PC, or whether to switch from a Mac to PC (or vice versa). So, here are 5 reasons to either tip the scale in favor of the Mac, or to dissuade you Mac users from switching. And yes, for all of you diehard PC fans, we will also have articles on why not to buy a Mac, why to buy a PC, etc.

Less Viruses

This is probably the number one argument in favor for a Mac. If you’ve ever searched this topic at all, this is probably the one you’ll find. The reason for this is simple, and not so simple. It is basically because the Mac OS (operating system) is based upon a different system, Unix, which, at least for the time being, viruses are not being designed for. So Mac users, enjoy it while you can, but for now, there are very, very few viruses for the Mac. That will probably change eventually due to the increasing market share of Apple computers.

More Stable OS

In addition to being less prone to viruses, the Mac OS also tends to crash a lot less, and have much fewer programs than the Windows OS. Now, Windows does not crash quite as much as people out there would like you to believe. And Vista really isn’t too bad, but the fact of the matter is that the Mac OS has less bugs, and therefore less crashes.

Can Run Windows

With programs like Bootcamp, and the older Parallels, it is possible to run Windows should the need be. Now the bad thing is you have to pay for Windows software (or Bootcamp that comes with Windows). But, if you have some programs you absolutely need to run on Windows, you do have the option. Also, it can be a bit of hassle to switch, and slow to run programs in Parallels, but, again, having the choice outweighs this.

Apple’s Customer Support

Let’s face it, PC support has gone downhill since the days of Dell in its prime. Now it takes several weeks to get back a broken PC, even if it’s under warranty. Not only does Apple have a turn around time of days, not weeks, but also it has a Genius Bar fully available to people at the Apple stores. Though sometimes the line is very long, it’s much more convenient.

More Video Editing Programs Available

I’ve heard constantly the reasoning, get a Mac for photo and video editing, because its better. And quite simple, it is not “better.” But because the entire Adobe suite works for both PC and Mac, plus you’ve got one vital program, Final Cut Pro, with the Mac, it does have more variety. Between Final Cut Pro and its Adobe counterpart, Adobe Premiere, I like Final Cut a bit more. Combine the additional programs, such as iMovie and iPhoto, with all the PC programs you can run through Bootcamp and you have a much wider variety of programs in your arsenal.


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