5 Reasons Not to Get a Mac -- The Cons

5 Reasons Not to Get a Mac -- The Cons
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014


Well, previously we’ve written up an article on 5 Reasons to Get a Mac. So now, just to be fair to both sides, here are 5 reasons not to get a Mac. I’m hoping not to insult any current Mac users, but rather giving some confused, or debating, users a couple of pros and cons on the Mac.

Less Upgradeable After Purchase

For many of you desktop users, you know how easy it is to pop open the side (or back, or whatever) part of your computer, and freely interchange the parts. Well with a Windows laptop, you can still pretty easily just pop open the bottom with a small screw driver. With an Apple, its quite a bit harder.


At this time, none of the Macbooks, to my knowledge, offer SLI connectivity. That means no putting graphics cards together, sometimes a serious, and costly, gaming limit. This can also be a serious video editing limit, if you prefer dual graphics cards. Eventually, hopefully, this may change, and Apple will receive a motherboard that has SLI enabled.

Lack of Ports

Most Macbooks are lacking in ports. If you’ve ever tried to connect a Macbook to a projector, you know the problems with connecting a Macbook to a VGA port. You can get a converter, but as a former student, the number of times you’re caught without a converter is quite frequent. Also, there are very few USB ports compared to PCs, which can be annoying when connecting external devices, such as a mouse and flash drive. There are, finally, no HDMI ports yet, either. This can tend to be tedious when trying to connect a newer external monitor.

Harder to Self-Repair

If your laptop is out of warranty and breaks for some reason, whether its do to user-error, as in you accidentally dropped it, or some wear and tear, like a GPU that eventually fails, Apple laptops tend to be harder to repair. This is for two reasons, first because of the one mentioned above, where they’re harder to take apart, and thus they’re harder to diagnose and repair by one’s self. The second is that more people are trained to repair PCs, just because there are so many more out there. Apple’s market share is growing as of now, but they’re still not at the point a large number of people have knowledge on repair. This can also lead to more expensive repairs.

They’re Expensive

This is probably the most obvious. Apple laptops are even more expensive than Alienware laptops with similar configurations. Yes, you do get good service, and a reliable laptop, but the price is considerably higher. For these higher prices, you can get much better upgrades from almost any of the other PC companies. So price versus performance, the PC definitely beats the Mac here.


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