Are refurbished laptops still the best shopping bargain?

Are refurbished laptops still the best shopping bargain?
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

When I first wrote the first article on refurbished laptops, I was basically admonishing smart shoppers to consider them as the ultimate way to purchase an excellent notebook at a very decent price. Three or four years later, I still have not changed my opinion.

I won’t go into the details of buying refurbished laptops as I have written about it in many articles. What I will go into is why I still believe that it’s still the smartest choice for experienced or new shoppers of notebook computers.

Computer retailers don’t like to waste money. They also hate it when a buyer returns a laptop for various reasons such as buyer’s remorse or simply because it’s not what they wanted/needed. These retailers obviously invite their customers to return the products that they purchased from them if they are not satisfied because it’s a good business move.

On the inside, retailers cringe when items such as notebooks are returned and customers want their money back. It does not matter if the computer was not even switched on but once the box is opened, that computer has lost a substantial share of its value. Yes, just like in the car industry.

Of course, non-scrupulous retailers could just close the box and put it on the shelf again but heaven forbid should they be busted which is likely to happen due to the simple fact that it only takes an unhappy employee to blow the whistle for hell to break lose.

I don’t know if it’s the law but computers that have been returned by consumers have to be inspected first, then repackaged and sold as refurbished laptops with a guarantee that they will work and at lower price than an “never before opened” similar item.

Refurbished laptops are a smart shopper’s blessing:

1) They come with rigorous inspection as opposed to other laptops. Indeed due to cost reasons, each manufactured laptop cannot be inspected so they choose a random unit from a sample. I won’t get into details as it involves statistics and mathematics, two subjects that owned me in my school and university years.

2) They are sold for far less. And I have noticed in some computer shops that if you pay cash, they’ll even omit the tax! Now, it’s up to you and your moral values to act accordingly but the discount can be quite huge.

One activity I like to do to kill time is to browse Apple computer’s online store list of specials especially when it includes refurbished laptops. Within hours, that page is usually taken down due to the fact that they sell out so fast.

If I had the time, I would hunt down refurbished laptop computers from all over the net and resell them for eBay as I know that I would be getting more money than someone selling a used laptop.

So, yes, after three years, I am still endorsing considering refurbished laptops as the first destination for notebook shopping.

To legally protect myself though, I will add that you do so at your own risk and that I am not liable for whatever wrong might happen. In today’s world, you just have to be extra careful…


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