How long will my laptop computer last? - Ask The Laptop Advisor

How long will my laptop computer last? - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Don't Be Clumsy

What I can tell you that if you’re clumsy, it will be a miracle if your laptop computer can make it for six months without something breaking.

A personal friend, who shall remain nameless, got a shining new computer but she does not really care much about computers and she really treated it like a piece of dirty laundry. Within a few weeks, the computer overheated because it had accumulated dust though the CD/DVD tray that she had not closed.

On the other hand, I just purchased an 8-year-old computer that is in mint condition because its previous owner simply gave it so much tender loving care.

People say that different laptop computer brands have different life expectancies. I am not too sold on that argument. I have not seen a well-researched study that dug into this so, I will not comment on this issue.

All I can say is that knowing that the same companies make most components in every laptop computer, I don’t see why they’d give quality preference to one brand over another.

Want to increase your notebook computer’s life expectancy?

Treat it right.

Notebooks are delicate and expensive pieces of technology. If you put your laptop computer to sleep when you’re not using it. If you keep it in an area free of dust and other things that can leave a mess on your computer such as liquids and if you regularly clean it using the suggested cleaning tools, I don’t see why your computer could not last more than five years.

Expect To Need More in A Few Years

The only caveat though is that as computers get faster and more performing, software developers usually create applications that might not work on your slower machine. It does not matter how fast and powerful your laptop computer is today, in five years it will be a tortoise that will have a hard keeping up with the then specifications requirements.

You could of course make minor to major upgrades to your laptop computer to keep it on the edge but it’s a losing proposition, as eventually the costs will mount so fast that it will be in your best interests to simply purchase a new one.


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