Cheap laptop computer buying guide

Cheap laptop computer buying guide
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

One killer case scenario!

I know that most of shoppers are after a good cheap laptop computer deal. The cheaper, the better, as matter of fact. After all, isn't it a smart idea to try our best to purchase a quality product and pay a minimum amount?

In their quest of perfect cheap laptop computer deals, many buyers opt for little known notebook brands made local manufacturers or marketed by a popular retailer with little experiencea and dedication to the computer hardware market. How do you recognize them? Such seemingly cheap laptops have low prices and usually have rather cheesy names. I will not dare mention some because I don't want any trouble with their legal team nor do I want to hurt the feelings of those who own such laptops.

Here's why I never recommend anyone to purchase non major brand cheap laptop computers.

1) There's usually little information about them

Every now and then, I will receive an email featuring a cheap laptop computer related email from a website visitor asking about a given little-known notebook brand.

Believe it or not but I do not know all manufacturers of laptops in the world. So I usually try to get information about such brands at Google and get little information that never really help me in formulating a rich answers.

Why bother with a company and product nobody seems to know anything about? I don't know about you but I am not willing to take such a risk even if the cheap laptop computer deals offered are out of this world.

2) What happens when you travel?

These cheap laptop computers are usually marketed by a retailer that does business in one country. Part of the reason you want to purchase a laptop is to be able to take wherever you go, right? So here you go travelling overseas with your new cheap laptop computer. At your hotel, somebody bumpsa your notebook bag and later on when you try to switch on your computer, you find that there's a problem.

If you had a "major brand" laptop, you could just use the yellow pages to find a local authorized shop that would service the computer for you. You do understand that you would be in a situation if the only place your cheap laptop computer could be fixed was back home?

3) Compatibility

Software and accessories manufacturers tend to make their products compatible with major computer brands first, if not exclusively. So, here you are trying to get a certain hardware to connect with your cheap laptop computer and because it contains a different combination of gizmos, you will have a hard time making them work together if you ever manage.

This has happened to many friends of mine who wanted to purchase a music software and their cheap laptop computers were not able to handle it. They learned their lesson, forked out the money and went "mainstream".

Those 3 rants about cheap laptop computer deals is not meant to discourage you from buying a little known notebook brands but merely to let you know what to expect.

Ultimately the choice is yours but personally, I would stick with the Apple iBook and PowerBook G4, Compaq Presario, HP Pavilion, Dell Inspiron, Toshiba, Gateway, Fujitsu, Sony Vaio and whatever major manufacturer is out there.

Here's how
to shop for and buy cheap laptops
made by global companies.

Good luck and happy shopping!

Update: If you really insist on cheap laptop computer deals....

Why not get a "major brand" cheap laptop computer from reputable online retailers' outlets that feature used, refurbished or even heavily discounted laptops? This is actually the method I recommend to my visitors and friends.

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