Is eBay a Cheap Laptop Sales Heaven? - Ask The Laptop Advisor

Is eBay a Cheap Laptop Sales Heaven? - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Without any doubt, eBay has revolutionized the shopping pattern of millions. Until today, I still have to see another place where you can almost literally find anything under the sun available for purchase. But is eBay a cheap laptop sales heaven?

I will let you in on a secret. When I first started writing about notebook computer shopping, I was a little bit dubious about eBay as a source of cheap laptop sales.

A quick pick at the daily selection could easily reveal, the huge availability of discount laptop computers but I was always convinced that buying a used or refurbished machine from a private individual was a big risk due to the mere fact that some people are just crooks.

I still have not purchased a laptop on eBay but many friends around me who have more guts, I guess, have and none has any dramatic horror story. Curiosity won the best of me so I decided to check out eBay for these cheap laptop sales.

Needless to say, after an hour or two of poking around, I realized that searching for cheap laptop sales on auction sites is not as risky as it may sound. It’s actually like purchasing a notebook from a friend of a friend. That’s because there are so many elements in place to protect the buyer (and the seller! some buyers are crooks too!) that it would be hard for someone to pull a cheap move on you.

For instance, if a given eBay seller holding a cheap laptop sales has a low feedback score, it would be advisable to look elsewhere. On the other hand, one with lots of scores and plenty of praises make him or her, a credible person to do business with.

Another simple trick to figure out the good from the bad is to look for sellers with a PayPal Buyer Protection, the speed and quality of the response that you get from the seller when you ask a question, the item return policy, the different payment options and so on. All these elements are a vital sign of a legit seller who will not jeopardize his or her business by conning you

By the way, as an impatient person, I have never actually bid on any eBay item. I usually just use the “Buy it Now” option. The other reason is that by the time you’re done bidding on the cheap laptop, the total price can be as high as the norm.

To conclude, eBay is a good source of cheap laptop sales for those buyers who are very confident buying goods from the online auction giant. If you have never bought anything from there, you will find that sellers will not trust you either as you will have no history to warrant your credibility.

If you’ve ever used eBay or any other auction site to track down cheap laptop sales, please share your experience with me and let me know how it went. All of us will benefit from your experience and avoid any mistakes.


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