What Laptop Computer Brand To Buy? - Ask The Laptop Advisor

What Laptop Computer Brand To Buy? - Ask The Laptop Advisor
By , Last updated on: 12/3/2014

Every so often, I get email like the one below:

Dear Sir,

I would like to purchase laptop computer for personal use.

Which brand should I go for Dell or Toshiba or IBM?

Please do the needful.


I will admit that I get sometimes frustrated at such messages because it simply means that the writer did not even bother to browse around and read some of the many articles that are found here that would enlighten him or her about his or her laptop computer purchase

Laziness being a human commodity, I figured that it’s faster for people to ask me such a general question than to spend time perusing content addressing their issues.

I am not perfect. I do that too. Often for that matter! When I call support centers for instance, there’s no way I will spend time listening the automated robot. I just press 0 until I get a human operator. So, I guess by getting such emails, it is life’s way of paying me back :)

Which laptop computer brand should the writer or anyone go for?

I have given the answer in the many articles that I have written so far, so I’ll link to them from here.

If you’re completely new to laptop computer shopping:

1.The Most Important Question You Must Ask Yourself Before You Even Begin Shopping Around

2.How To Determine What Laptop Is Best For You By Avoiding This Number One Mistake

3.Tips On Choosing The Right Laptop Specifications

And then check out:

All about Dell, Toshiba or IBM laptop computers

Ten steps to the best laptop computers

The honest truth about laptop ratings and laptops' reviews

How to track down a good cheap used laptop for sale

I will stop here before I overwhelm the novices with so much information. But that should be more than enough to give you a very good idea on what type and brand of laptop computer to shop for and ultimately purchase.

Macintosh or Windows PC?

One of the reasons why I cannot give a black and white answer to such a question is because at the end of the day, laptop computer shopping is a very subjective choice so what's good for one person might not be for another. For instance, I chose the Mac platform (I have a PowerBook G4) but that's just me... If I told readers to purchase the same computer as I did, it would be a very biased advice which would defeat the purpose of this website.

Here's a small hint though... if you really are puzzled and can't make up your mind on what model to purchase, find out what laptop computer brand and model your favorite technical savvy friend or family members has and purchase the same if he or she recommends it. Thus, when you have a problem, he or she will be able to easily and quickly help you as she or he will have faced a similar issue.

Hope this helps...

As usual, send your laptop computer shopping questions to mail#@#laptopadvisor.com (remove the #s) and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks


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