Should I Purchase a New Laptop Hard Drive? - Ask The Laptop Advisor

Should I Purchase a New Laptop Hard Drive? - Ask The Laptop Advisor
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Jenny (last name omitted for privacy purposes), a college student from (err, I forgot to ask her!) sent me the following email.

Hello! I found your site very useful. But I do have a question.

Well a year ago, I asked my dad for advice on which laptop to get. I told him I love to listen to music on computers and I hate when they are slow. I am a college student, so I am on my computer a lot. So he picked me out a Dell Inspiron, which I paid for, but I found out it only has 25 GB on it. I own an iPod, which has more than that. My question is: should I go ahead and buy a whole new laptop so that I can fit more stuff on it? Right now I fill up 23 GB/25 GB and I haven't even uploaded nearly enough songs on it. I have had it for over a year. Should I buy a new one or should I just purchase a new hard drive?

Hope you can help,


To which I replied...


Thanks for your email.

I guess that it depends:

1) If the computer still works fine for you but your main concern is the hard drive's space, then it might be cheaper to just order a new one and get it installed by a professional

2) If money is not an issue, you might just consider purchasing a new laptop because it will be to date with today's latest technologies and it will have enough space.

One thing I need to tell you right now (from experience), is that you will never have enough space for your music.

What I personally did was to purchase an external drive and use it as iTunes' default hard drive.

It works fine for me. When I am on the road and leave the external drive behind, I don't have my music with me but it's OK because I usually have DVDs that I watch or I could simply use an iPod to listen to music.

Hope this helps!

The Laptop Advisor

To which she later replied…


I was very surprised that I got your email so fast :) Thanks a lot. I wasn't sure if you'd even reply but you are very prompt and I really appreciate that. I asked my brother who actually owns an Apple laptop (MacBook Pro), the same question, and he recommended to me to buy an external hard drive because it was the cheapest option.

So I think I will do that, buy an external hard drive. Thanks a lot!


If you have any questions, email them to me at (remove the #) and I will try to answer them as soon as I can get to them.


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