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Best Laptops for $400You need a cheap computer, but you want something bigger and slightly more powerful than a netbook. These budget-oriented notebooks below aren't anything glamorous, but they'll get the job done.

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Multimedia LaptopsSometimes known as desktop replacements, these multimedia computers are ready to entertain. The screens are big, speakers clear, processors powerful, a growing number have Blu-ray drives, and some even have HDMI outputs for conve...

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Best Laptops for $1000What if you want a laptop, but you can only pay about $900? In this article, we take a look at different laptops in the $600-$1000 price range and look at their positives and negatives. You can get a solid machine at this price

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Budget LaptopsManufacturers are still finding ways to keep budget-friendly Laptops relevant with impressive features. Below, you'll see our favorite affordable laptops.

Thumb acer c720 chromebook


NetbooksSmall-screened netbooks are the go-to choice for on-the-go users, and are a viable option for those on a very strict budget. They're not as powerful as full-on notebooks, and they typically lack optical disc drives. But they're gre...

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Gaming LaptopsA PC gaming fanatic needs a reliable, responsive laptop that supports high-end graphics and sound. Need some help shopping for a new gaming laptop? We're happy to help.

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Best LaptopsWhat constitutes the best laptop is different for everybody. Some people want a simple laptop that will handle the basics: word processing, email and Internet access, and other productivity tasks. Others are interested in a multimedia ...

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Best TabletsLately a lot of people use tablets on the go instead of laptops. Here we are presentint the best tablets.